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Integra SkinLab

Team Members: Vitoria D., Rachel G. (Marketing & Digital Experience Manager at Integra Health)

My Role: Qualitative User Research, User Experience Design, User Interface Design

Tools Used:  Photoshop, Illustrator, Webflow

Project Description

Integra SkinLab is part of the Medical Clinic Integra Health, based in Downtown Toronto. They strive to provide an unrivalled skin healthcare experience that assesses the root of skin concerns by combining naturopathic intervention and aesthetic medicine. When creating their website, the goal was to represent beauty, relaxation, and inclusiveness, in addition to their philosophy being that "all skin deserves mindful care, pampering and support that caters to its unique qualities.”

Research and Planning

As SkinLab is part of Integra Health and the website was developed afterward, the research and planning route was taken a little differently. 

A key point was to build an inclusive and easy-to-use website. My personal goal was to put together a handful of websites that were representing BIPOC patients and clients enjoying a relaxing day. As the research went along, we noticed that unfortunately, the minority groups were not well represented, so most photos and videos were done in-house with Integra’s employees. All fonts and colours were decided to be inclusive, inviting and part of the family Integra Health.

Design and Iterations

For this project, as the deadline was tight, only a high-fidelity design was done. Tests and iterations were done throughout the development to guarantee its easy usability. 

Integra SkinLab Homepage

Integra SkinLab About

Integra SkinLab Services

Integra SkinLab Service - Medical Aesthetician

The website was designed to tell a story and to give simple yet in-depth information about all the products, procedures, and services offered.


Integra Skinlab was built and developed in three days, therefore the UX research was minimal. This helped me prepare for future projects that will need to be completed in a short time. I was hired to maintain and design any future changes to the website.


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